In the era of healthcare reform, you need a partner that can help you compete efficiently while lowering the cost of claims processing and increasing adjudication productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

At BancTec, we deliver the best operational numbers in the business. With team members that have worked for health plans and networks as claims processors, we know the 'ins' and 'outs' of healthcare systems and know how to improve their operation and efficiency.

BancTec claim processing clients benefit from:


      30% – 60% average ROI

      Up to 50% operational cost savings

      25% to 50% transactional savings

      Up to 99.5% accuracy rate

      99% or higher member-provider matching rate

      60-120 day implementations

      12 (EDI) – 24 (Paper) hour turnaround times

How it Works

As a suite of integrated, client-customized software applications, our claims processing platform automates three key stages of processing to complete data conversion, claim cleaning, and claim edit resolution with minimal human intervention, while providing transparent integration of data back to the client environment.

Over the years, BancTec has been acknowledged as a leading innovator of propriety technology that solves a specific healthcare challenge. Today, BancTec technology experts develop and apply best-in-class solutions to the claims administration process. This continual process improvement ensures unsurpassed operational efficiency for BancTec clients now and into the future.

A few of the reasons BancTec technology is superior:

  • Proven to increase claim accuracy, improve speed and generate time and cost savings.
  • Readily accepts paper and EDI claims and automates pre-adjudication processing to deliver a clean, homogeneous stream of claim data back to customers.
  • Customized for specific client needs. BancTec understands the unique requirements of current healthcare options. With vast experience in the multiple (Medicare, Medicaid and Dental to name a few), BancTec will customize business rules that apply specifically to the processing needs of your claim system.
  • Ensure healthcare policy and regulatory compliance with a partner that is focused on the health and dental market. BancTec continuously updates operating platforms to stay current with industry requirements.
  • High-quality solutions confirmed by SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70 Type II) accreditation.
  • Scalable so when you're ready to grow, be assured that BancTec maintains the technological infrastructure and staffing to seamlessly support your new business.
  • Innovative technology driving pre-adjudication efficiencies. For example, with BancTec Advanced Claim Validation (ACV), BancTec accomplishes through technology what takes many BPO organizations years, if ever, to master—claim review based on deep industry knowledge and actual historical claims experience with individual providers, geographies, specialties and settings of care.
  • Secure tamper proof technology ensuring HIPAA compliance is always maintained.

Next Steps:


Serving several of the world’s most prominent global enterprises, in 50 countries.


Continually updated client support services, for superior customer satisfaction.


Call now, see how our customized solutions fit your business needs, not ours.

Claims Gateway Portal (DocControl™)

To ensure that BancTec DocControl customers have immediate and secure access to their critical information, we offer real time access through our portal. The portal is only available to registered BancTec DocControl customers.