Businesses are generating more paper than ever before. Even as companies in financial, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries transition to electronic payments, investing millions in enterprise computer systems, the paper keeps coming - to the weight of over 4.5 trillion pages of hard-copy information yearly.

Don’t get crushed to a pulp.

Rather than rely on employees to process documents ad hoc while sending more piles off to storage facilities, it’s time to digitize data as part of an efficient, automated document processing system. And while companies have traditionally managed automated solutions in-house—hiring employees and purchasing high-volume scanners—that approach isn’t necessarily the most profitable. Investing in the wrong equipment, or in hardware that could become obsolete, can be a serious financial risk.

That’s why Fortune 50 corporations, mid-size companies and smaller businesses are choosing business process outsourcing (BPO) with BancTec. In return, they’re getting lower operating costs, improved information access and a reduced business risk, as well as enhanced service for their customers. Our outsourcing clients recognize that trusting back-office processes to BancTec means they can devote more time, staff and resources to competitive differentiation.

Simply stated, BancTec understands processes. We’ve been a global leader in payment, document and content processing and IT services for decades—currently serving more than 2,000 customers in 50 countries. So when we enter a client relationship, our first step is a thorough review of their processes. We help analyze existing operations, identifying document streams and paper flows across departmental silos, plus other factors that impact your strategy. Taking the time to understand our clients’ business is why our solutions thrive, and why many of the world’s largest companies trust us to outsource their most complex processes. In fact, BancTec now operates more than a dozen outsourcing service centers globally.


  • AP Invoice Processing

    BancTec's AP Invoice Processing service is the ultimate outsourced offering for accounts payable automation, managing both electronic and paper invoices for a guaranteed reduction of processing cost per invoice.

  • Healthcare Remittance Automation

    Accelerate the process to improve productivity and lower costs, and get unprecedented full life-cycle control — to validate data, balance EOB totals, review discrepancies, match original claims and more.

  • Interactive Exception Processing

    A proportion of all documents received inevitably fail to meet quality standards, which prevents them from being processed in a routine, automated way.  Using a flexible workflow tool, BancTec’s Interactive Exception Processing service provides a web-delivered solution for managing exceptions.

  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

    Our  healthcare revenue cycle solution provides a unified view into patient payments, insurance payments and deposits with reporting and data analytics.

  • Hosted Image Archives

    BancTec's document imaging and archiving services provide instant access to your documents and improved information management, as well as considerable cost reduction. Our advanced technology easily and accurately converts and stores digital documents, while web-enabled search tools offer quick and easy access to them.

  • Inbound Mail Processing

    Enormous amounts of paper documents flood global organizations. With BancTec's inbound mail processing service, you can outsource your entire mail center operations to a fully managed service that provides incoming mail receipt, document scanning, indexing, classification, archive, OCR and data entry and exception processing.

  • Payment Processing

    Stabilize per-payment costs with fast, accurate, cost-effective processing. Advanced OCR technology and high speed mail opening equipment, optimized for check and remittance coupon processing, increases accuracy rates and minimizes exceptions, yielding fewer bad checks, providing earlier fraud detection and reducing costs.

  • Image Capture

    BancTec offers the most advanced high-volume image capture services, which can easily streamline the process and deliver critical throughput efficiencies.

  • Backfile Conversion

    Using the industry’s fastest equipment, we scan and convert your entire volume of paper documents to electronic images for storage in records and document management and archive applications.

  • Claims Processing

    BancTec’s extensive information exchange-platform provides a HIPAA-compliant payment system that converts paper claims to electronic format (837) with transmission directly to the payer's system for faster processing. It also generates easy-to-understand reports, chronicling each transaction and its result - and encompasses both electronic and paper-based transactions.

Key Benefits

BancTec’s BPO services are delivered through a common technology platform, making it easy for customers to add or change services as their needs change. And as acknowledged experts in innovative hardware, software and tailored services, BancTec applies its extensive experience to providing leading-edge solutions. Outsourcing with BancTec offers clear advantages.

We achieve economies of scale by spreading the cost of equipment and facilities across multiple clients.

We easily handle ups and downs of document volume, compared to in-house facilities with high fixed costs.

We free up capital and management time so you can invest in core business functions.

And, most importantly, we deliver solid business results—and we’ve got the case studies to prove it. Our clients tell us the top four reasons they choose BancTec are lower costs, reduced business risk, enhanced customer service and improved business intelligence …

Lower costs. Creating, handling and archiving documents can be expensive. Some estimates have U.S. companies spending 15 percent of their annual revenues on document-related expenses, from laser printers to warehouses. With BancTec BPO, companies systematically reduce costs. Server storage is cheaper than cabinets—combined with careful design of business processes, this kind of automation can bring significant gains in efficiency. And BPO eliminates the need for large expenditures on document processing equipment.

Reduced business risk. Regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS 70 and HIPAA require companies to follow specific records guidelines. Paper documents—easily lost, misfiled or destroyed—create unnecessary risk. BancTec BPO preserves documents electronically, making it easier to control the process of retrieval and add security and audit trails. 

Enhanced customer service. BancTec BPO provides our clients with faster access to information, so they spend less time locating documents and more time making use of the information. Instant access also makes handling customer inquiries easier, improving customer service.

Improved business intelligence. With documents and data easily accessible, BancTec BPO makes it easy to collect and analyze information about company operations—to better monitor sales, production, and other business drivers. Succinctly, BancTec BPO helps customers make better business decisions.

The BancTec BPO Solution Portfolio.
 BancTec offers BPO solutions for a wide variety of business applications, including remittance, document imaging and archiving, invoices, correspondence, application forms, and mobile capture—with Service Level Agreements (SLA) standard. We also constantly update clients with executive dashboard information, complete analysis and reporting, key performance indicator (KPI) metric analysis and reporting, and customer-accessible SLA and KPI metrics.

Our history of smarter solutions and proven methods makes us a seamless extension of customer in-house operations. Put BancTec’s technological experience, service excellence and solution expertise to work for you, for top-of-the-line BPO, ASAP:

  • BancTec tailors its application of technology and operations to the unique requirements of each customer.
  • Service Level Agreements specific to each customer’s unique business requirements are provided.
  • Services are provided on a unit price basis, enabling the customer to align and budget expense to ever-changing business scale.
  • ACH Replacement Processing (ARC) is provided at additional charge as a new and emerging method to improve funds collection and decrease payment collection cycle times.
  • BancTec’s PayCourier™ and PayCourier Archive™ proprietary systems represent the world’s best, most efficient and highest quality retail payments processing platform. These systems are used by some of the largest and most demanding financial institutions and retail corporations in existence today.
  • BPO customers have access to BancTec’s robust infrastructure systems that include web-based File Transfer, Customer Alerts and Notifications, and both standard and expanded web-based reporting and service management dashboard.
  • Access to advanced optional features such as BancTec’s highly sophisticated web-based Interactive Exception Processing.
  • The BancTec network of strategically located Operating Centers provides a fully functioning disaster recovery plan in each site.  This infrastructure not only accommodates best-in-class disaster recovery capabilities, but also provides for limited service disruption and high availability through an exceptional array of business continuity and contingency options.  
  • The Operating Centers regularly receive rigorous audit and are SAS 70 compliant.
  • Each Operating Center is identical based on the technology platform and use of consistent and standard Six Sigma™ processes and procedures.

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