Transactional Content Management
BancTec's scalable, cost-effective solutions control and optimize electronic document management and insurance claims processing.
Business Process Management
BancTec's business process outsourcing, or BPO, results in a smooth, uninterrupted business process that weaves in and out of different applications.
Archiving Solutions
BancTec's image capture and scan to archive solutions allow companies to minimize risk, control costs, and amplify content access and usage.
Image Capture
BancTec's image capture solutions offer the most advanced, high-volume service that streamlines electronic document management and delivers critical efficiencies.
Image Quality
BancTec's image capture and scan to archive solutions provide instant access to documents and improved information management.
Payment Processing Management
BancTec began in finance by providing innovative payment processing and document management solutions. BancTec knows the process and engineers the solutions.
  • IntelliScan XDS

    Our next-gen eXtreme Document Scanner offers superior processing speed and resolution. 

  • IntelliScan SDS

    The perfect small-footprint, open-track scanning system for mid-volume and distributed environments. 

  • X-Series™

    This mid-range transport for check and remittance processing offers one- or two-pass applications. Designed for processing up to 100,000 items per day, the X-Series provides a scalable solution for the changing volumes of processing found in today’s banks and payment processing centers.

  • E-Series™ Family

    A family of transport systems designed for banks and payment processing centers that require reading and sorting of 600 to 1,700 documents per minute.

  • CenterVision®

    Transforming the way large organizations capture and process inbound paper and electronic documents. 

  • AP Master®

    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offers end-to-end automation for the Purchase-to-Pay cycle by optimizing purchase requisition, order processing, invoice receipt, PO matching, invoice approval and routing functions.  Also available as onsite installed software solution.

  • eFIRST™ Process

    This BPM suite provides complete analysis, modeling, development and execution. Easy integration with other eFIRST products delivers end-to-end, enterprise-wide information capture, process management and archive solutions.

  • eFIRST™ Archive

    An enterprise platform for building secure archive management solutions that effectively manage and track any file or document type, including images, data records, video and mixed media content.

  • FloWare

    Robust  workflow software designed to meet the broad range of workflow needs for today’s complex enterprises.

  • PayCourier®

    Designed for high-volume remittance processing, this comprehensive solution is designed for companies needing to reduce the cost of data entry by processing payment transactions electronically.

  • PayCourier® Archive

    A Web-based archival solution merging both paper and electronic transactions, and providing tools to manage, store and retrieve an unlimited amount of payment data and images.

  • Image Sentry™

    Advanced image quality and usability assurance software designed to achieve optimal image quality post-scan.

  • IntelliScan® USC

    Universal Scanner Control software provides real-time identification and processing on a wide range of capture devices.

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